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Our PCB assembly service is flexible to suit your needs. Whether you require prototypes or production volumes we can help you.

Turnkey / Partial Supplied Service:

ESD offers all customers two options when it comes to Custom PCB Assembly, Full Turn-Key PCB assembly Service or Partially supplied assembly PCB service. Full Turn-Key PCB assembly service takes care of the entire process including PCB and Component Procurement, board Assembly and testing where required. For customers who do not require the full Turn-Key solution then partial supplied assembly service will fit the bill.

With Partial supplied service, you provide the blank PCB's and / or some components and we assemble according to your requirements. ESD's experienced Procurement team will assist with any remaining parts.


ESD will always procure in line with your BOM. Any component changes will be put forward for approval before substitutions are used.

Surface Mount Assembly:

ESD's surface-mount PCB assembly service includes Automated Optical Inspection. This can be offered on its own, or with a mixture of our other services including procurement, through hole, box build, programme, test and packaging.

Automated and Manual Through Hole Assembly

Automated through hole assembly machines enables quick population of a variety of radial and axial components onto Printed Circuit Boards. This can be supplemented with our hand PCB assembly services. Our automated solder bath ensures uniformity of solder on the back of the PCB.

Turnkey Services

ESD's procurement to box build complete turnkey services can significantly reduce your workload by offering a one-stop shop.

Call off Orders

Order in advance for regular call off of your popular products. We will advise you when nearing the end of a call off to ensure continuity of supply.