Hand Assembly

component assembly

ESD's skilled hand component assembly operators pride themselves on their process flexibility, providing our customers with a high quality service for both full and partial PCB assembly..

ESD has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in electronic pcb assembly and hand component assembly and are the ideal partner for all electronic component assembly needs.


  • No set-up costs
  • No MOQ
  • Flexibility
  • Surface Mount Prototypes available
  • Mixed technology prototypes available
  • Years of component assembly experience
  • Meticulous hand soldering using highly advanced equipment
  • Complete box build offering you an “off the shelf stock item”
  • Conformal Coating of any PCB assembly
  • Full or functional product test available.


We have the facility to place a wide range of components on your prototype PCB assembly. Whilst building prototypes of your design we can advise on any design-for-manufacture improvements available if requested. Proving your design data on prototypes can avoid costly mistakes during volume production runs. ESD can source all or some of the components, and PCB for prototypes.

Call Off Orders

ESD offers customers the flexibility to order in advance for regular call off of products. This includes partial PCB assembly of product that have a common base assembly which requires modification before despatch to the particular version required at time of delivery.


  • Cost effective procurement of components that can be bought more economically in larger quantities
  • Regular delivery of assemblies to meet your customer demand
  • Reduced stock holding at customer premises
  • Single set ups for production runs for machine mounted components
  • Flexibility to call off additional product if demand increases

If you are interested in call off orders for your printed circuit board assembly, please discuss this with our quotes team who can advise the best solution for your product.